What Happen with Polygamist Candidates? I Always Agree with What Allah Said in Al Quran

Actually this article is the English version of Indonesian version article entitled “Jangan Pilih Caleg Poligami: LHO, EMANGNYA KENAPA??”. When I read spot news about list of polygamist candidates which is released by a women’s rights group or we can named it feminist on Jakarta Globe date on Saturday/Sunday, March 28/29, 2009, I wondered why did they do that? They just waste their time for nothing.


Even they have reason in releasing this information. One of them said, ”We do not want to tarnish their image, we just want the voters to know their background. It’s up to voters whether to cats votes for them or not”. It’s like the classic reason. I always wonder why polygamy action always is protested. Whereas this has been written on the Holy Koran since thousands years ago. Some said it (polygamy action) breaks human rights. It hurts women and ruins the household. But those reason just the anxiety that no need to be afraid.


Polygamy, as people have known, is an action to own more than one wives. For some it includes violent action. But some agree for this polygamy, especially the muslim. According to the Holly Koran, An Nisa, 3, it’s said:


If you fear that you shall not be able to treat the orphans with fairness, then you should not marry the women with orphan children; marry other women of your choice: two, three or four.


It’s clear that polygamy just be permitted, not be forced. Also it has some requirements to be a polygamist. First, he should able to be fair on her wives and families. Second, he should a wealth man, at least having sufficient properties to maintenance his families. And also, here is the last but not least, he should promise that never do any violence on his families especially his wives. So, don’t try to be a polygamist if you are not qualified. And also don’t be afraid to be a polygamist if you are qualified, because may be it can be a solution to human in this world. *we know that women are the majority in this world and men are the minority*


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