Fadhilatul Muharram for Indonesia President in 2029 (Please Support me, Dude!)

Fadhilatul Muharram


This title above, ah I don’t know, I just dream of it. Between conscious and unconscious. Between dream and not. Between doubting and undoubting.  Above all, I have dream for my country, INDONESIA.


Indonesia is a big country. It has so rich nature resources. It is the place for the biggest Muslim population in the world. But it’s so sad if you realize that Indonesia still stay on the poor rank. It never leaves that poor place. Indonesia is the worth country but why it still steered by other countries who act as the power country in this world? You have an honor, Indonesia. Let your self to be free and independent!!


As Indonesian people *and if I get my dream to be a future president*, I want to nationalize all Indonesia companies. No foreigners sit on there. No foreigners gain profit from my country. We the people never enjoy the rich directly. We stay inside with the poorness. But they gain all rich and enjoy it with innocent. Return them to us. Nationalize ours!


Then, I want human resources in Indonesia get their privilege of schooling and educate themselves. Many people here still are in illiterate case. As the next golden generation I want force-FORCE-force my people to educate themselves. To encourage them making creativity and be brave to stand independent.


Third, I want to grow up the economics. No loan anymore. See IMF, NO LOAN ANYMORE for INDONESIA! Because your loan ruin us. If you want to help us, JUST HELP but don’t take our resources. Get it? We are the honor nation. Don’t make us poor anymore.


Fourth-fifth-sixth-etc are UPHOLD the JUSTICE, SHARE the LOVE, once again BE INDEPENDENT and BRAVE, etc. We need them to make Indonesia be a worth country. The golden nation shall overcome. Wait, we still prepare it for now. No doubt anymore, because we shall overcome.


PS. To get Indonesian version article click here.


4 thoughts on “Fadhilatul Muharram for Indonesia President in 2029 (Please Support me, Dude!)

  1. Hi, amazing.. You have such briliant ideas.

    I hope Indonesia will have better human resources in the future, so we won’t depend to any foreign companies anymore..

    thx bro… but actually, im not yet qualified for that position. im still learning. this is just a suggestion for the candidates of president.

  2. Sebelumnya mohon maaf, saya paling nyerah jika berhadapan dengan bahasa inggris, jadi saya belum bisa ngasih komentar apa2.
    Sekali lagi mohon maaf, tapi terima kasih tlah berkunjung ke blogku

  3. Cool…
    Vote dila to be the 2009 pResident!
    and I still wanna be the ambassador,hehehe

    oke deh, Li… 😉

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