Have Fun Tips in Writing POETRY

What-what-what?? To write poetry is difficult? Oh, please, it isn’t true. It is very-very easy to write poetry. Tell me what kind of difficulties you have so they prevent you to write. Tell me, guys. Okay, right now I want to share the FUN TIPS to WRITE POETRY. Let’s check the following tips here.


FirstNEVER THINK OF WRITING IS DIFFICULT. It same with think of SPEAKING IS DIFFICULT. So, free your mind and try to write anything.


Second—make yourself FOCUS on WHAT ON YOUR MIND. Then close your eyes and take a breath deeply. It’s usually named CONTEMPLATION ACTIVITY.


ThirdWRITE IT. Don’t think of what the title of poetry you want to make. Just flow your mind and write. For instance, you think about rain. Okay, what the rain is? How the process to make rain? How does it pour the land? Just write. For example:




Dark in the sky

Wet on the ground

Then I deserve coolness

Brrzzz… wow its breezing!

Like the penguin in the Antarctic


Yeah, that’s a sample. So common try it! Try to write what’s on your mind. Just do FREE WRITING to flow your imagination. Don’t for get to tell me if you have done these tips. I will be glad to read your poetries. Good luck!!


PS. To get Indonesian Version article, click here.


3 thoughts on “Have Fun Tips in Writing POETRY

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