An Effective Campaign to Gain People (Suggestion for the Parties)

“Hundreds of residents of the Bougenville Lestari housing complex in the city queued for hours to get clean water provided by a legislative candidates from the Indonesian Unity and Justice Party (PKPI).” –The Jakarta Post (March 19,2009; p.4)

These days many peace campaigns by parties to promote their candidates for legislative seat either in city council or central government. Almost campaigns are done with rallying people on streets or yields. So it makes the city more crowded and seems possible to disturb people activities. Noted many examples of interference such as traffic jam, more rubbishes, buzzing and even a restless by some supporters of parties.

It’s different from what kind campaign of a legislative candidate in Jambi, Ritas Mariadi. Noted Ritas provided a water pump at the housing complex stooped working three days ago. The residents, of course, welcome for this campaign.

One of residents, Leni, said she appreciated the clean water supplied from the local tap water company with the sponsorship of Ritas and said this kind of campaign was more effective than outdoor rallies because the candidate was “showing his political will” in helping residents cope with their daily problems.

Agreeing with what Leni said for this deed. The parties and candidates should promote themselves not only with outdoor rallies or advertisement on radio and television but also with the obvious deed. It is more effective to gain the people. They can provide some facilities as overcome the problems. Or they can help people in repairing the streets, rebuilding the houses and Masjid (especially for fire, flood, and earthquake victims), and others volunteering working. So, wanna try this one? Because people never need the parties and candidates’ pretty faces. They never need the promises or ‘pepesan kosong’. But they need the real action which is more obvious. So once again, it’s needed the real action to show your political will.


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