Jakarta’s traffic jam could be thought as normal situation in the light of it’s a capital of Indonesia which has many citizens with narrow area. Yeah, the total of citizen there is not matching with the narrow area. But, it’s hoped to reduce the tragedy of that jam. We know that traffic causes big suffering. Every day- every where- every time, people grumble and grumble caused by traffic jam. Many solutions were offered for this problem. It’s including to restrict the number of cars to operate on the street. Ya, actually in Jakarta, there are many riches who have many cars. Yes, let say one rich family has ten cars! Wow, amazing… and the more amazing is every member of family uses them! Yeah… the poor doesn’t have car and the rich show off theirs. Don’t they know that theirs have caused traffic jam? Something that make big suffer. Don’t they think? At least to realize it… it ain’t to limit their freedom to have and use anything what they have, but it is for the solution. So, the riches… take the wisest option; leave ur car at home and join us in the buses.


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